Map Art

A waiter and a glass of water in the shape of Texas


The waiter was one of my first Ideas, I redrew it a couple of times. Straight lines are always challenging, but here they worked pretty well.

Hagrid and a dragon in the shape of France


Combining a map with a character of Harry Potter was fun, but I had to use Google to learn more about Hagrid and Norbert.

A flower in the shape of Kosovo


A lot of people asked me to draw a map of Kosovo, but it took me quite a while to get a good idea.

A Nike sneaker in the shape of the Black Sea

Black Sea

I knew it would become a sneaker, but I had to ask my brother which sneaker to choose, as he is a fashion expert.

A bear and a rainbow in the shape of Laos


The Rainbow-Bear was my third version of Laos (I drew a palmtree and a dinosaur before) but this version is my favorite.

The head of a dinosaur in the shape of Sicily


Suprisingly a lot of maps look like dinosaurs. Or is it just me seeing all these gigant lizards?

A monkey with a banana on his head in the shape of Magdeburg


My current hometown and to be honest, the monkey not only fits for the shape.

Santa Clause on his sledge in the shape of Iceland


Still suprised on how much the western part of Iceland looks like a reindeer.


My name is Max Schöm, born in Heidelberg, Germany, and now working as a journalist for the public broadcaster MDR in Magdeburg. During my work for the Instagram channel #MDRklärt, I often used maps for illustrating news. So, I learned a lot about the shapes of the different German federal states, especially Saxony-Anhalt – and I discovered, that Saxony-Anhalt looks like an old man. One day, I drew this old man in the shape of Saxony-Anhalt and shared it with the users of MDR. The feedback was huge, as other people also saw faces, animals e.g. and I drew their ideas, too. As the world bears much more shapes, the idea of Map Art was born with thousands of fans in the whole world.

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